Your liver is responsible for a lot when it comes to keeping your body in good working condition. In fact, the liver pumps 1.5 liters of blood through itself every minute to get rid of old and damaged blood cells.

That said, liver wellness is all too important. It even affects your overall digestive health. Consider the following liver wellness tips to nurture your own liver this year.

  1. Use liver supplements. Liver supplements are a great way to nurture your liver's health and promote toxin-eliminating bile production. Your liver naturally produces 700 ml to 1,000 ml of bile every day. Liver supplements can help to support your liver's performance.
  2. Drink responsibly. Alcohol consumption can cause many health problems and could harm your liver if you're not careful. The American Heart Association recommends that men don't exceed two drinks a day and women don't exceed one drink a day.
  3. Eat a nutritious diet. To promote liver health, it's recommended to eat foods that are high in fiber such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. Unsaturated fats in nuts, seeds, and fish are also good choices. Antioxidants such as those in blueberries and blackberries have also been known to support your liver health.
  4. Drink water. Many people suffer from chronic dehydration because they're choosing to drink beverages such as coffee, soda, and energy drinks rather than water. But water is essential to the function of your liver because it helps to keep your body (and organs) hydrated and properly functioning.
  5. Exercise regularly. Your liver transforms fat cells into energy, so when you exercise regularly it helps your liver burn triglycerides for fuel.

Where can I find helpful supplements?

Liver supplements are a great way to nurture your liver and promote overall wellness. Himalaya offers a variety of supplements to support your body's liver, adrenal glands, and other vital functions. Are you ready to learn more about herbal supplements and how they can foster your body's wellness? It's never too late to care for your liver.