Every once in a while, we’re asked which of our herbs are our personal favorites. It’s always hard to narrow down the list – it’s like picking three stars out of a perfect night sky! If overall wellness is one of your goals, look forward and upward and find Ashwagandha, Turmeric and Bacopa lighting your way.

Ashwagandha is Ayurvedic Royalty

Followers of Ayurveda call Ashwagandha the King of the Rasayanas, a word that means “life extenders” or “body balancers.” Today, we call those herbs adaptogens. We can’t promise you taking Ashwagandha will help you live to the ripe old age of 105 – (trust us, we’d be the first in line!) – but we do know this herbal superstar has been studied for everything from energy and endurance, to stress, cognitive health and occasional sleeplessness. If you’re looking for a wide-reaching, famous old champion for overall wellness, it’s hard to beat one of history’s favorites…Ashwagandha.

Bright Yellow Turmeric Continues to Shine

Adaptogens aren’t the only herbs taking off in the West. In terms of clinical study, the spice and popular supplement Turmeric is a clear front-runner among Ayurvedic herbs. Numerous clinical studies now demonstrate Turmeric’s support for a healthy mind and joints, and for healthy digestive support too. Who would have thought the same spice that makes your mustard yellow and gives your curry a kick would turn out to be one of the past decade’s most-respected herbal helpers?

Bacopa Still Reigns for Mind & Memory

When we talk about things like cognitive health, we’re referring to memory and focus. One such herb that promotes that type of mental alertness is Bacopa, also called Brahmi in traditional Ayurveda. This water-loving herb loves the marshes of India where it commonly grows, and has long been considered a useful tonic for memory and intellect.

If wellness is your goal, these three champions are a great starting point. They’re all timeless classics on your contemporary journey of support and self-improvement!

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