Let's have an honest conversation about caffeine. One of the most commonly consumed psychoactive drugs, caffeine plays a large part in our society. Regardless of how it's consumed, from coffee to tea to any number of energy drinks, people love consuming it and love the effects of the stimulant even more. You've heard enough people demonize caffeine, but we aren't here to do that.

Caffeine consumption actually boasts a few health benefits. However, it's easy to go caffeine crazy and when we knock our bodies out of balance, that's when things become a problem. True with most things you can eat and drink, it remains an especially important truth because of how many caffeinated beverages are available for consumption. Let's look at how much is okay and when it's time to cool it at the coffee maker.

The Sweet Spot

A 2017 review included close to 400 studies that delved into the negative health effects of caffeine consumption. The research concluded saying that healthy adults can consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine every day and be totally safe. For the sake of a general measurement, that comes to approximately four 8-ounce cups of standard strength coffee. Research also showed that this is different for children and pregnant women. Even without liver supplements, your liver is an impressive organ that processes 1.5 liters through itself every minute. So, if you're staying within this caffeine sweet spot, you're golden.

Pump The Brakes

If those four cups of coffee seem like too few, the research actually shows that most people fall into that consumption range without trying. However, there are others who go far beyond the healthy consumption recommendation and are at risk of adverse health effects like irregular heartbeat, anxiety, nervousness, stomach issues, and similarly unsavory symptoms. Of course, because caffeine is a psychoactive chemical, cutting consumption abruptly can cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as well.

Balance Strategies

One of the most challenging wellness support strategies is balance. Human beings like what they like and sometimes overindulge to an unhealthy fault. You can load up on liver supplements or any kind of herbal formulas for your health, but nothing can replace balance. With caffeine, trying to stay in the sweet spot can be as easy as drinking one less coffee per day. Perhaps it's drinking tea that's lighter in caffeine content. The point is acknowledging when you need to pump the brakes on caffeine and actually doing it. That way, you can enjoy your daily pick-me-up, but not at the expense of your health.

We believe wellness begins with you and recognizing when it's time to take control. Whether you're looking for liver supplements, herbal remedies, or have questions about an organic supplement you read about somewhere, Himalaya is here to help. Get in touch with us today, we'd love to make your acquaintance.