Life is full of inevitabilities. An inevitability that directly affects our mental health in a modern world is stress. We’re all familiar with it and it’s rarely fun. And while we all deal with stress in our own way, one thing’s for sure. We all wish we had a whole lot less!

Some people assume stress is all in the mind, but your body is affected too. Whenever you’re stressed your body reacts. For example, your adrenal gland plays a role in your body’s response to stress, and different people support their adrenals differently. So even though we face unique, challenging situations everyday, we have to keep in mind that our body’s response to it is also very unique.

So, how does mental health affect your overall wellness?

It’s often thought that mental wellness and bodily health are two separate issues. However, the World Health Organization defines health as complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The body reacts to how you feel, act and think. That’s why you often feel physically uncomfortable after a stressful event. Ever hear the phrase, “butterflies in your stomach?” Stress causes very noticeable physical reactions. Mental and emotional stress also cause changes in our physical energy level and our social interactions as well.

What can I do to promote a healthy mind and body? 

The first step to managing your mental health and stress is recognizing why you may be experiencing negative feelings. Finding the root cause helps you stay more aware of why you’re feeling a certain way. Here are a few tips to promoting positive mental health.

Tips to Promote Good Mental Health

  • Living a balanced life between work and home
  • Eating a balanced, healthy diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Keep a healthy sleep routine
  • Use relaxation methods to calm your mind and body

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