It’s the perfect time of year to use botanical herbs and take steps improve your lifestyle. The sun is shining, flowers are in full bloom and the kids are out of school. There’s so much to love about summer! One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that our habits, routines and overall feeling of health ebb and flow with the seasons. We can support an improved state of balance in our bodies throughout the year by adjusting our lifestyle and habits with each new season.

  1. Try This Summer Botanical Herb

Organic neem has been known as the holy tree since it supports multiple facets of wellness from detox support to enhancing the radiance of your skin. You can stay refreshed all summer with Himalaya products featuring neem such as our Balancing Neem & Turmeric face wash, Original Neem & Pomegranate toothpaste and the Purifying Neem & Turmeric body bar. Also Try Neem in our single herb supplement. Neem can help you fight back against the heat and feel the clarifying effects of botanicals on your body.

  1. Start Your Exercise Routine for the Rest of the Year

Summer can motivate people to be more physically active outdoors. It’s a great season to instill a healthy routine of regular exercise that you can strive to keep up once the weather cools down. In some places it can be very hot outside, so it’s best to avoid exercising outdoors during the heat of the day. If you can help it, start your day with a run or your preferred exercise in the early morning when the air is still crisp and cool. And don’t forget, Turmeric is great for the kind of occasional inflammation you get when you exercise.

  1. Maintain Your Mental Clarity

The heat of the summer can also bring inflamed emotions with it. Some people experience increased irritability, anger or frustration during the warm season. Herbs are useful allies when it comes to balancing your mind and body. StressCare is specially formulated with adaptogenic herbs to support energy, vitality and your body’s response to stress. Keep a cool head and your wits about you no matter how hot it gets outside.

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